St. Mary Church Reopening plan

Beginning Saturday June 27, St Mary church will begin with an initial phase of welcoming back parishioners to the liturgical and sacramental life of the parish.

These are the directives that must be followed in every liturgical service:

*        The same directives shall be applied on all services: Divine Liturgies, Vesperal Liturgies, Vespers, Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals.

*        Attendance in church shall be no more than 50 people including: 2 clergy, 2  chanters, 1 altar server, 3 parish council members, and 42 others who sign up and their names are submitted ahead of time.

*        Signing up for services shall be made on line for no more than one service   every two weeks.

*        Physical distancing shall be kept throughout the nave, and selected pews and seats are to be reserved accordingly.

*        Weekly services are as follow:

– Wednesday at 7:00 pm: Evening Divine Liturgy

– Saturday at 11:00 am (Orthros at 10:00 am): Divine Liturgy.

– Saturday at 6:00 pm: Vespers.

– Sunday at 11:00 am (Orthros at 9:45 am): Divine Liturgy.

*        Parishioners may come to church for Confession or individual prayers, by

appointment only and at the discretion of the pastor .

*        Non-liturgical gatherings are not to resume at this point. Such gatherings or meetings shall continue to be held on line.

*        All doors will be closed except the main entrance (on Gouin Blvd) which will be closed immediately after the Divine Liturgy starts.

*        Only 1 washrooms are is available.

*        The following safety precautions will always be preserved:

– The church will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected – especially pews and other highly-touched surfaces and items – after each service.

– Hand sanitizer will always be available at the entrance for the faithful to use upon entering and leaving the church.

– The faithful should be highly encouraged to wear face-coverings.

– There should be empty rows of pews between the faithful to allow appropriate social distancing between persons not living in the same household.

– Announcements should be made and signage posted in the narthex asking those who feel sick or have a fever to stay home and asking everyone to observe proper hygiene practices – no hugging, handshakes, or kissing, proper handwashing, cough/sneeze into shoulder, etc.

– Those who are elderly or at-risk must remain home for services. To receive Communion and Confession, they may visit the church by appointment.

– Announcements to the faithful will always be made, that we will continue to   offer Communion according to our Tradition, but all should allow the priest to   pour the Body and Blood by opening their mouths wide and not closing their lips on the spoon.

–  An usher will be assigned to direct people in line for Communion or Antidoron spaced appropriately. Tape will be placed on the floor to further help with spacing.

– The priest will cleanse his hands periodically through services – especially right before “Holy Things are for the Holy” and once again before giving Communion to the faithful.

– Antidoron shall be given by the priest who  must wear a plastic glove. The    priest will also wear a face covering to hand out antidoron and greet the faithful after the service.

– There should be no passing of collection trays. The trays may be stationed in the narthex.

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Matins every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 11:00 AM.