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“I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”

Youth of the St. Mary’s Church in Montreal: Get to know your church and discover your Christian identity “We live, move and exist because of Him ”

The Youth of the St. Mary’s Church in Montreal meet with the blessing of the parish priest on Saturday at 7:00 pm twice a month to discuss spiritual issues and questions raised by the youth of today’s society. They also carry out social activities filled with the love of the Lord for our neighbor.

Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance dominating the Christian youth to live as irrational beings.
“If our hope in Christ is not beyond this life, we can repeat with the others: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

The Christian young man is the one who lives his daily faith, spiritual and human life with the integrity of the approach and thought, but also with the integrity of faith and power of the soul.

The Christian young man clings to his faith and is coupled with the divine commandment that he sets in his eyes so that he will not be distracted and be found by the misguiding people who separate him from the love of God where he dwells in the fearsome loneliness that any man trembles if he lives away from the power of God that leads him to the highest success of soul and life together.

This person is called a Christian young man conscious of his daily spiritual and living future life of knowledge and work.

Are you a Christian? So live your Christianity and do not attack it with a strange war coming from outside. You are ashamed of your God, your church and their teachings? You then have the problem of confronting yourself, and you have to look very well between you and yourself.
The church beats in its young people and strengthens its structure with love and piety among its children. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We will resume our spiritual and social activities in September.

Liviana Hanna (Chair)

Young Adult Ministry


Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

Teen SOYO (Youth Movement of the Archdiocese of Antioch of North America) founded by his Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP in 1969.

TEEN SOYO brings 14- to 17-year-olds from our church to grow in Christ, to know the faith of their Holy Orthodox Church through the Bible, the prayers and the life of the Holy Fathers.

The ultimate goal of the TEEN SOYO is to encourage every teenager to live faithfully and daily their Orthodox faith according to the commandments of Jesus Christ in his immediate family as well as in his school and all his entourage and to serve his neighbor.

Our meetings are held every Sunday after the Holy Liturgy, in the basement of the church.

Ghada Hage (Advisor)
Christina El Khoury (President)

Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations

Teen Soyo

Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

The childhood family (Toufoula) at the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary teaches children and educates them spiritually, according to the programs studied by specialists in our Orthodox Diocese of North America. It also deals with various topics that correspond to all groups according to their ages. Our goal is to leave the flame of the spirit in our Orthodox church lit in the hearts of its young children so that they always feel the odor of the Lord, who will guide their way and protect their entrances and exits relying on the mercy of God first and on our cooperation as parents to hold together the burden of these souls through the prayer of our Father Georges Berbari and the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. Moreover, the childhood family (Toufoula) organizes, throughout the year, various spiritual, social and entertainment activities namely: the annual summer camp, free charity dinners, organized excursions, fun games, plays for all religious occasions, the choir of hymns and songs as well as other activities (Christmas festival).

Director: Roula Hasbani

Sunday School Camp | Sunday School Lunch

Sunday School

Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

The Social Committee is responsible for all church related events such as New Year’s Eve, Saint Valentine, Mother’s day, Saint Mary’s Festival, Winter Festival and many other events.

President: Rita Youakim Mitri

Social Committee

Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

Join us every Friday from 7pm to 9pm & discover the experience of a lifetime with the “Orthodox Scouts of St. Mary”

Are you a fan of the outdoors?

Do you like adventures?

Are you looking to stimulate your physical, intellectual & spiritual capabilities?

Bring to life the best of yourself & join a dynamic team of young individuals at the SOSM.

Explore your full potential, learn how to help your community & make a difference on every social aspect.

If you have a good will inside of you and want to make a change for a better tomorrow, join us today.

Visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/300e-SOSM-789111114523423/

Counselor: Chief Abdo El-Dick


Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

The Heavens and the earth will declare the glory of the Lord!

The Church thus turns into Heaven through its hymns, and like angels, we participate in glorifying and praising God.

These are heavenly hymns expressing our unwavering longing for Christ, a language that conveys secret meanings of the words of the Scriptures that are in our hearts, the essence of our worship to bring the tangible closer to the intangible, the conscious to the unconscious. They are a pillar of the true renaissance in the Church because they are a revelation of our heritage and creed. Our Orthodox theology is preserved, declared and accomplished in our worship which contains the essence of our faith and constitutes most of our liturgical life in sacraments and services, covered in hymns and melodies. We decorate the texts with melodies to spread the spirit of piety and reverence in the hearts of the believers to lift them to the third heaven. It is the conscience of the Church heard through its melodies where the music and the cult manifestations fusion together and become the fruit of the reunion poured into the language of thought and feeling as a perfumed smell that engulfs a celestial response to the sacrament of the meeting between Christ and the saints, because they bring you what God has revealed to them in the secret of this encounter. Our hymns take you on a spiritual journey between Heaven and earth, where the soul rises before the throne, and wears the proper garment for the divine word to reach the thresholds of the kingdom, raising the community to the highest levels of prayer. Thus Orthodoxy is carried on the wings of music and lifted in the heavenly sky.

Hymns are preaching, hymns are prayers. “We sing to pray and we do not pray to sing!” The work begins from the heart and comes out of the mouth to reach the hearts, where we go directly to God, since He is the goal, the purpose of every melody and hymn.

Therefore, the leader of our Church Choir, Tony Faddoul, continues to teach the children to follow the tradition of Byzantine music and transfer them this original heritage. We hence ask you to encourage your children to join the classes of Byzantine music next season.


Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

Arabic Language School affiliated to the Church of the Virgin Mary in Montreal.

The school was established under the blessing of Archpriest Father Michel Fawaz on February 4, 2017.

It now enjoys the blessing of the Church Pastor Father Georges Berbari to include six different levels of education.

The school adopts a curriculum that is suitable for all ages and provides its students with a rich culture of heritage originating from the land of their parents and grandparents, thanks to qualified professors with distinguished experience in all educational fields.

The school accepts all levels from primary to secondary. We welcome students in six different classrooms in order to provide a comfortable learning environment for children.

Classes are Saturday from 10 AM to 12 noon, followed by entertainment and cultural activities.

For more information, please e-mail us at ecelestemariemtl@gmail.com

Counselors: Liliane 514-591-9550 and Daniella: 514-466-8311

Arabic School Graduation

Arabic School

Our Organization Archive – Al Sayde - St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Montreal

We are a group of ladies of all ages, of many nationalities bound by our beliefs and our friendship. The purpose of our work is to help our church financially. We are all volunteers and we do the work with all of our hearts. We have many activities in our parish, and we are there to support our pastor, other groups working in the church, the church council and the parishioners when they are afflicted by the death of their loved ones. Moreover, we organize blood collections to give back to society. Culinary specialties are prepared for parties and festivals.

President: Maya El-Habre

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women on North America

Antiochian Women