The Heavens and the earth will declare the glory of the Lord!

The Church thus turns into Heaven through its hymns, and like angels, we participate in glorifying and praising God.

These are heavenly hymns expressing our unwavering longing for Christ, a language that conveys secret meanings of the words of the Scriptures that are in our hearts, the essence of our worship to bring the tangible closer to the intangible, the conscious to the unconscious. They are a pillar of the true renaissance in the Church because they are a revelation of our heritage and creed. Our Orthodox theology is preserved, declared and accomplished in our worship which contains the essence of our faith and constitutes most of our liturgical life in sacraments and services, covered in hymns and melodies. We decorate the texts with melodies to spread the spirit of piety and reverence in the hearts of the believers to lift them to the third heaven. It is the conscience of the Church heard through its melodies where the music and the cult manifestations fusion together and become the fruit of the reunion poured into the language of thought and feeling as a perfumed smell that engulfs a celestial response to the sacrament of the meeting between Christ and the saints, because they bring you what God has revealed to them in the secret of this encounter. Our hymns take you on a spiritual journey between Heaven and earth, where the soul rises before the throne, and wears the proper garment for the divine word to reach the thresholds of the kingdom, raising the community to the highest levels of prayer. Thus Orthodoxy is carried on the wings of music and lifted in the heavenly sky.

Hymns are preaching, hymns are prayers. “We sing to pray and we do not pray to sing!” The work begins from the heart and comes out of the mouth to reach the hearts, where we go directly to God, since He is the goal, the purpose of every melody and hymn.

Therefore, the leader of our Church Choir, Tony Faddoul, continues to teach the children to follow the tradition of Byzantine music and transfer them this original heritage. We hence ask you to encourage your children to join the classes of Byzantine music next season.


Matins every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 11:00 AM.